Thursday, September 25


Since I've been back to California, I spent some time in Los Angeles experimenting with fashion photography. This is Esther, an aspiring model/actress. Makeup done by Ella Makeup.

Thursday, July 3

Cuidad Mexico

I've been residing in Mexico City for the past 3 weeks. My very good friend Sandrita and her uncle Pedro offered their colonial style family house to all of us broke travelers. It's been a unique experience... living in a house full of wacky photographers from all over the world, that is. And by unique I mean amazing, and a once in a lifetime roller coaster ride. The first week of my stay, I attended Foundry Photojournalism Workshop. The following week I was Part of "Project Luz" an NGO with goals to "Inspire and empower youth to make a difference in themselves and their communities through photojournalism." (as stated in I was a Photo-instructor to teenagers in Nezahualcoyotl: known as one of the most dangerous towns in Mexico. I didn't think so, in fact, I never did... Why believe in Media's stereotypes? Danger is found in ones own backyard. The students were talented little buggers. Some really do have a vision. Now, I've got some story attempts, but access takes time. My next stop is Oaxaca. And then, wherever the wind takes me. Hope you enjoy my most recent photos. And keep visiting my blog for I'll continue updating! Gracias y Suerte!