Tuesday, November 29

today's pictures, yesterday's memories

black & white film - south east asia 2011

Thursday, June 23

Variete Criolla

I dressed up as a clown for halloween, not once, but 3 times in a row when I was a child. My choice. I'm was never scared of clowns, in fact, I felt bad for them that some twisted person started a clownaphobia... Anyhow, Last week, I went to a circus in Buenos Aires at a circus school. They call it "Circo Criollo" (criole circus) because they still carry on old traditions from 70 years ago... Here are some photos of the evening...

Sunday, May 15

right here right now

I've been living in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the past 7 weeks. I came on a one way ticket looking to stay for as long as I'm ready to leave. Its a great feeling. It also makes me anxious... I often times find myself asking the question, why am I here? I forget that I've wanted this for as long as I left this place at the age of 12. I knew I was going to come back. And the time is now. 12 years later.

I'm searching for everything and nothing at all. I'm on a personal quest to understand evolution, personally and socially.

I've not taken as many pics as I hoped for, but these are some recent snapbits of peeps and moments that caught my attention.

Thanks for reading!!