Monday, July 12

This journey is starting to create a pattern. Thursdays are usually transition days where I say good by to students and get ready for the next group. Even the dynamic of each group is similar. I'm getting really familiar with the geography of Laos and understanding the culture better, each day. Even though I'm far in a foreign land, away from all I am used to, life is turning into a routine. I think its of human nature; We do it unconsciously.

I spent the last two weeks doing "Off the Map Laos -Photo Trip-" This trip is designed for students interested in seeing the more rural parts of Asia through a lens. We started in the capital of Laos, Vientianne, and made a loop North and then South and finally crossed the border into Vietnam. All by land.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Thanks for looking :)

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witness said...

bravazo jess...2y7 son la voz. vaya con mil ohos siempre.