Thursday, June 17

Sa Bai Dee

Today I parted ways from my first group of students, and what can I say, It's never easy to say goodbye, no matter how much or little you know someone. These kids remind me of my teenage years and also, that I'm getting old. You learn so much when you teach, or guide the youth and I couldn't be more grateful.

The students spent this past week in an elephant training program. Each kid got their own elephant for whom they took good care of: bathed them, fed them and let them roam free in the jungle. We slept in Bungalows and ate some amazing food.

I've been working on par with Lao and Thai guides and that alone is an experience. Cool thing is they got the ins and outs for the less visited places like tribal villages and places in the jungles hardly exposed.

I'm back in a white walled hotel room with AC and internet, oh yeah, and no weird looking bugs next to me.

Location of photographs:

Luang Prabang, Laos.


Cool Kids!


A. Wolfe said...

i'm reading, keep em coming... of course i want more pics.. assume there's a bunch of film still

Jessica Pons said...

Thanks for looking Wolfe! Glad to know you're keeping up, film will come later when I get a chance to go to a darkroom...