Thursday, June 10

So Far

I still pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming. I'm in a city I never knew existed, seeing new faces and hearing new things every day. I feel like a newborn. It's been almost a week since I've arrived to South East Asia and I'm still trying to grasp my current reality. A week ago I was emptying out my room in San Francisco, and having moments of complete desperation. I was even doubting my decision to leave the city and moping around like a turd. Now, all I think about is wanting to extend my trip and/or just become a traveling gypsy again (this happens to me every time I travel). Here, my worries are if I should bring my film or digital camera out for the day, if I ran out of toothpaste and/or if I remembered to email my family. That will all change in about 9 hours when i have to wake up 8 teenagers and take them over to Luan Prabang.

Run through: I'm working for a travel company called Rustic Pathways as a travel guide. I will be leading about 3-4 projects while I'm here.

So far, I've met most of the South East Asia staff and they have to be some of the kindest people I've ever met. Well, enough words, I'm beat, and I've got some photos to share.

Much Love <3

1 comment:

John said...

Yeah right.... Travelling is like learning again. Learning of new things and new culture.

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